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Secure Data Destruction Services From Skytech Solutions Ltd

One of the greatest concerns faced by organisations today is information security and data loss. This is particularly significant when disposing of redundant IT equipment. The Data Protection Act 1998 establishes a framework underpinned by a set of principles to help organisations handling data comply with the letter of the law.

We fully understand our customers have a legal obligation to ensure that sensitive information is securely and permanently destroyed. Skytech Solutions has a real appreciation of how significant data security is for our customers. We therefore offer our customers the right solution and assurance so that our customers can comply with the law whenever they need to dispose of data baring IT waste.

Skytech Solutions offers bespoke data destruction services to meet our varied customer requirements.

Our Data Destruction services include:

• Data erasure using tools that meet US Department Of Defense standards
• Data erasure using tools approved by UK Government’s Communication Electronic Security Group (CESG)
• Physical destruction of hard disk drives
• We also include full certification as part of the data destruction process for our customers.


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