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What’s on offer for Schools and Colleges?

We understand that often schools and colleges including universities need to dispose of their old IT equipment. This can be a costly and time-consuming process for many institutions, and the hassle of ensuring the waste is disposed in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

Education institutions must also comply with the WEEE legislation and therefore, like private businesses, are open to costly financial penalties let alone the cost of managing the waste.

School Friendly Solutions by Skytech Solutions

You’ll be happy to learn that here at Skytech Solutions we offer a completely FREE IT disposal and recycling service for schools and colleges. This service is extended to all public sector education institutions. To see if you qualify for the free service Click here

The FREE IT Disposal & Recycling Service will include:

• Collection of your redundant IT equipment
• Disposal and recycling of your unwanted IT equipment
• Data erasure to ensure your data security needs are met
• Waste Consignment note
• Asset reporting (Optional)

Skytech Solutions services are designed to ensure our customers fully meet their legal and environmental responsibilities, whilst keeping the recycling process efficient and hassle-free for our customers.

So if you need someone to take care of your IT waste, speak to Skytech Solutions to take advantage of this FREE service.

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